Our Process

The first step in the investment management process is to determine the client`s investment objectives, constraints and preferences. A mutual understanding between the client and BCM regarding an acceptable risk level, income requirement and growth expectation is essential. The primary objective is to maximize total return within each clients acceptable risk tolerance and unique circumstances. Implementing portfolio policies and capital market expectations will help structure the optimal portfolio for the client.

A series of quantitative and qualitative variables are continually monitored. Portfolio adjustments are made as appropriate to reflect significant change in any or all of the relevant variables. With every investment from the safest U.S. Treasury issue to the most speculative stock, there is a fundamental relationship between risk and potential reward. In general, the higher the potential reward of an investment, the more risk involved. In other words, if you want a high return on your investment, you run the risk of a possible decline in its value.

Finally, BCM understands the importance of communicating frequently with its clients on both an administrative and on investment matters. Periodic meetings are necessary to review investment performance and portfolio structure to discuss prevailing economic conditions and financial matters and to consider modifications to established investment guidelines.