Investment Strategy

The goal of Black Capital Management, LLC is to invest client funds in a manner that attempts to achieve their investment objectives over an extended period of time, consistent with capital preservation. This goal requires an investment strategy that can dominate the myriad of good and bad economic conditions that we must certainly realize, yet are unable to predict. BCM believes that compounded long-term steady growth that produces superior returns, as opposed to "booms" and "busts" of some short-term plans. Furthermore, BCM believes that a successful investment program must incorporate broad diversification. It is much easier to assume that over the long-term the economy will continue to rise, rather than to predict the short-term ups and downs of individual market segments. Due to variables such as market conditions, relative values and an investors objectives and constraints, portfolio management should be thought of as a dynamic process. The structure of the portfolio for the investor will evolve from these variables and therefore, the development of an appropriate investment policy and strategy is incorporated.