The primary objective of fixed income securities is to maximize total return within the portfolio, given the client`s specific risk tolerance. Fixed income securities tend to be more predictable and stable versus equities. To preserve the fixed income capital it is necessary to minimize credit risk and control market risk through the use of high quality credit instruments, ranging from short-term to long-term maturities, therefore carefully considering the current structure of the yield curve. Over the interest rate cycle the weighted average maturity of a fixed income portfolio will vary from short term, intermediate-term and long term maturities, thereby, reducing the reinvestment rate risk. Fixed income portfolios represent a trade-off or balance between high-return/high-risk equity portfolios and low-return/low-risk money market instruments, allowing for the accommodation of a particular investment objective.


When evaluating stocks with large or medium to small capitalizations, BCM uses a disciplined bottom-up approach applied in a consistent manner. Although the firm reviews macroeconomics data on a regular basis, individual security selection, regardless of industry sector is the key to portfolio construction. Security selection is based upon the view of a company`s fundamental factors such as growth rate, margins, balance sheet and consistent profitability. BCM believes in a strong capital structure and financial position as well as maintaining a reasonable price/earnings valuation, relative to the market index or the company`s annual growth rate. Several more characteristics that the firm looks for are superior management capability demonstrated by above average return on equity as well as good marketability with limited equity ownership by institutions. A strong market position reflected in the company`s line of products or assets, recognized as of high quality in the market, is another factor taken into consideration. Also, the current dividend rate that a company pays and the growth rate of those payments are variables which will help determine the value of a company`s futures stock price.