A Registered Investment Advisory Firm

Welcome to Black Capital Management, an investment management and research company founded in 1987.

Welcome to Black Capital Management

BLACK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) provides professional investment management and advisory services specializing in the management of balanced and equity portfolios for employee benefit plans, corporate investment funds and portfolios of individual and trust assets.

Investment Strategy

The goal of Black Capital Management, LLC is to invest client funds in a manner that attempts to achieve their investment objectives over an extended period of time, consistent with capital preservation.

Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is that investment results are strongly influenced by each client`s specific objectives and guidelines. A disciplined, low-risk, value oriented approach is implemented by the firm.

Investment Approach

BCM believes that the allocation of assets between various investment alternatives is one the most important and rewarding decisions that can be made by any professional money manager

Our Process

The primary objective is to maximize total return within each client’s acceptable risk tolerance and unique circumstances. Implementing portfolio policies and capital market expectations will help structure the optimal portfolio for the client.

Our Areas of Expertise

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Investment Characteristics

A breakdown of the investments we use to build the portfolio.

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